Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Christmas, NewYear and Everthing in between

So christmas wasnt much of a christmas to be honest. What with workin my part time uni job and other commitments i was only able to go to my parents house for 1 day. Christmas day. Kinda sucked :-(.
It didnt really feel like christmas at all this year.
Nobody sends cards anymore, its all txt messages and facebook wall posts. I MISS CHRISTMAS CARDS!
Also NOBODY seems to put decorations in their windows anymore.......whats up with that???
It was just like any other day to me except with presents and turkey and shit cracker jokes!

Newyear was fun!!! I wasnt going to go out at all but in the end i was sort of drag along and held against my will. lol.
I started the day getting fabric with my friend,amigo, conrad Vanessa and then ended up at my best friend lukes. We got drunk. Ate chicken. and just laughed ALOT and then headed out to Trafalgar square for the countdown ans fireworks.
It was chaos. Bearing in mind at this point we are all a bit drunk. The crowds were not serious we got swept along like we were on a tidal wave.
We then roamed the streets aimlessly talking to anyone and everyone for an hour or so then jumped back on a train to Lukes and continued to party. THATS THE EDITTED VERSION. Lol. u dont need to know the rest.

Ok and for the Everything in between bit. The most exciting thing to happen over the festive season was that i was asked to design and make a dress. It was for a young british actress called Ashley Madekwe for the red carpet premiere of the new Daniel Craig film ''Defiance'' on the 6th of January 2009. Shes fab. GOOGLE HER.
So i designed the dress, made a toile in kaliko and then had a fitting with her. Everything went amazingly well and she got 'papped' on the red carpet so my dress ended up on a few websites which was kind of exciting :-). Thanks to my older bro i never had Daren and thanks to Ashley for allowing me to dress her cos it was a big deal for me and without both of them it wouldnt have been possible.
Watch this space, more to come, im goin to be collaborating with Daren real soon. I will be designing and making a few more dresses under his company GLV and im really excited about it! :-)

And then just cos i was being my usual silly random self, it snowed one morning at 4am just before the premiere and i was awake all night doin the dress. i suddenly got a strange burst of energy and decided to climb out of my window on to the rooftops.....as you do.....and take pictures of myself in the snow. IT WAS COLD.....But FUN! :-)

First Blog.

Hey. Im Ricky. Just wanted to introduce myself before i start. I decided to create this blog as now, at the start of 2009, i feel like things are really starting to happen for me and i want to share that with you. This ISNT a blog about silly things like new beyonce tracks and new flavoured frappachinos at starbucks so if thats what u read blogs for, this isnt for you. This is Solely a creative outlet for me. To share a little piece of me with the world. Ups Downs Trials and Tribulations. A record of my creative life as it happens.